Our learners

UCanDoIT tutor Mary working with Adam, a UCanDoIT learnerSince the charity started, we have given training to almost 3,000 people and completed more than 50,000 individual tutorials. Here are a few of our students and tutors and what they have to say about the work that we do.

Student Adam pictured here with tutor Mary.  Adam's mum says "We have recently finished a 10 week course, where Mary came to our home and this enabled a really good relationship to develop between them, which I feel strongly is very beneficial for students, especially with disabilities, as there has to be a more personal bond for them to trust and learn. This having developed it was delightful today to see Adam chatting into the microphone and enjoying showing what he can do with his computer  to Mary , and also his attention span and response was better . So the distance learning was a great success for my son, following building up a personal relationship with his wonderful tutor Mary.

I would just like to say a great big thank you to UCanDoIT for providing my son with this invaluable tuition and friendship with his tutor."

UCanDoIT Graduate student Michelle Rawlings set up her own business The Complete Woman

Michelle said “Our Mission is to meet the needs of those who have undergone breast surgery by providing a wide range of products and services.  I would be delighted to fill you in on how I have set up my business and of course the valuable help I received from Tracey my tutor and the UCanDoIT organisation."

 "I have a severe hearing loss and certain aspects of setting up the business have been frustrating, as I can't use the telephone. I have been reliant on other people to make calls, and chase up queries, as I have had to overcome my hearing difficulties and learn new skills such as researching the web and advanced emailing.”

We have taught students with over 80 different disabilities. Over 25% of our students are blind or visually impaired. Learners with arthritis, stroke and MS are the next three largest groups.

Almost three quarters of our learners have incomes of less than £200 per week. The cost of computer equipment, specialist software/hardware and lessons to learn how to use it all must seem like an impossible dream. This also explains why we have a waiting list of over 100 people.