We have a team of freelance tutors working in Greater London, South Wales, parts of Scotland, Merseyside, Manchester, Birmingham, Sussex and Kent. 

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Would You Like To Become A UCanDoIT Tutor? 

Teaching - You don’t need to be a qualified teacher, but it is essential that you have experience (formal or informal) of teaching or helping others acquire computer skills. You may have this from training or mentoring colleagues at work, or from working as a volunteer helping others learn to use computers. 

Many of our learners may be nervous and many have had bad learning experiences, you will need the ability to put them at their ease, to listen to them and understand what they really need, and then to explain and show them how to do it and encourage them to try it for themselves. You will need to be patient and aware that everyone learns at a different pace.

Computer Skills -You need to be a competent and confident user of a computer, the Internet and the common programmes for email, web browsing and word processing.  A knowledge of Assistive Technology is good but we offer training to our tutors on some of the most popular programmes if you need it.

Most of our learners want help with basic skills, or to build on the basics. Some of them have existing computer skills but now need to learn to use equipment suitable for their disability. As all our students are unique you will need enough knowledge to work through problems and adapt equipment to the best advantage of the learner. Occasionally learners need help setting up Internet connections and a knowledge of this is always helpful but not essential.

Want to Apply? - If you think that you could offer your skills then please contact us on 020 8673 3300 or download the application form below.

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